Edward J. Jr.

You owe a large debt of gratitude to Loretta, who was very helpful to you throughout this entire transaction. I have been in the legal practice since 1960 and she is one of the most helpful and knowledgeable mortgage representatives that I have worked with over these many years.

Thanks to her, you didn't end up getting your mortgage application denied and have another black mark against your credit rating. There are very few mortgage representatives that I know who would have done this for you. I do not know Loretta and have never met her, but it was a real pleasure dealing with her since she is a true professional.

Very Truly Yours,
-Edward J. Jr.


Kemp O. M. NJ State Corrections Officer

I first met Tony Anzivino around 1998. At the time he helped me get prequalified for a home loan. He guided me every step of the way right through closing. My wife and I got a great FHA home loan deal from Tony each time we had the need for a home loan. As time passed, I was able to purchase other real estate with Tony’s invaluable help and guidance. Through the years, whenever I come up with any business situations where I seek help and straight answers, Tony Anzivino has been my “go-to guy”. This much I will say, “if there ae any qualities Tony has which surpass his knowledge of his business, these have to be his honesty and his integrity. Ask this man for one ounce of help and you can expect at least a pound of same, if not more!”


Chinyere O., Customer

Mr. Tony Anzivino was introduced to us by my lawyer many years ago when we were looking to refinance our property. We will be ever grateful to her for that. Tony is very knowledgeable.

When Tony met us, there were many discrepancies in our credit report which were unknown to us. He guided me on how to make inquiries and get back on track. My credit went from the 600's to 700's.

Tony went above and beyond his call of duty to satisfy us and make us happy. For instance, he traveled to and from our accountants office to my home and to our office, picking and delivering documents.

He is very patient and understanding. I forgot some of the appointments and left him hanging but he always genuinely accepts my apologies. He never miss an appointment or be late for an appointment without calling ahead to let us know. Most of all, he is a man of integrity and honesty. There is no surprises with this guy since I know him.

I have peace of mind working with him because I know that he is a man of integrity, a man of honor and accountability.


Elaine H., Esq. – Attorney at Law

Tony isare the best mortgage professional I have ever worked with, and that covers a lot of ground. I have been a lawyer for almost 40 years and through the years I have closed hundreds of loans. You have always given the client the utmost attention and in particular, you have a knack for vetting all the problems in the beginning of the transaction instead of blindsiding the client at the end with a fatal flaw, as so many other brokers to. I have witnessed you taking on the most difficult of situations and bringing it to a closing. I am very fortunate to have met you and to have access to your skill and knowledge to help my clients.


Kathleen M., Title Agency Office Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Tony and his borrowers for many years. He is very knowledgeable in the mortgage and real estate industries, which allows him to help his customers through a process unfamiliar to them. Tony’s service and attentiveness to his customers in unmatched. He makes himself available to his customers and answers any questions they may have from application through to closing and beyond. He makes our job easy as he really cares about each and every customer he works with! Thank you for being you Tony!


John D., Retired Coworker

I have known Tony for 32 years and worked with Tony for 18 years as Loan Officers
in the Mortgage Industry .

At all times I have found Tony to be conscientious, ,hard- working, courteous, and honest when working with customers.


Michael D., Retired Coworker

Tony Anzivino's dedication,work ethic and professionalism is of highest standard in a very competitive industry. His knowledge of FHA & VA rules & regulations is remarkable & his diligence & dedication to his customers is outstanding. Any applicant fortunate to have Tony as their loan originator will be extremely pleased with the outcome


Claire N., Closing DeptMgr - Mortgage Banking

Anthony Anzivino and I have worked together for a long time, his knowledge in the mortgage/banking business is unbelievable. His talents in the guidelines are amazing in all aspects, Conventional, VA, FHA, etc. He is so professional and so helpful to all customers in the day to day in this business. His love and passion or the business is amazing.


Michelle R., Customer

Tony Anzivino has assisted my husband and me on a number of occasions. He has proven to be not only helpful and compassionate but also a class "A" professional. His prompt replies to our questions and attention to detail, surpassed our expectations.

Thank you Tony for all that you have done for our family!


Carmen M., Real Estate Broker

I have known Tony for more than 50 years, both professionally and personally. I have been a Real Estate Broker for 50+ years and have encountered and ranked hundreds of loan officers along the way, using the the following criteria: Their knowledge of all available products, their customer service, communication skills, and most importantly...results. Tony ranks at the top in all categories. He is as dedicated to his profession as he is to his family. He is not a "clock watcher", he will arrive early and stay as late as necessary, and won't relax until the loan has closed.(He also produces the neatest, easy to read, applications I have ever seen) It is my pleasure to give Tony the strongest recommendation possible.


Russ D., Retired Teacher/Real Estate Agent

I have known Tony for over 35 years. He is honest and knowledgeable. When I first started on Real Estate he taught me how to write my first contract. Since then he had helped with many other transactions.When I owned my own Real Estate offices he helped close many transactions.
He is a loyal friend and a asset to any organization he is associated with.


Margaret M., Customer

Last year my family was in a financial predicament. We needed to lower our monthly bills in order to start saving money. We had good credit but there weren't any banks willing to help us. Anthony Anzivino went above and beyond to help us get the refinance loan that we so desperately needed and in the process also helped to get our credit scores even higher. He always goes above and beyond for his customers. We could not have been more pleased.


Marla M., Customer

I have worked with Tony on a number of refinances over the years. The words that come to me when I think of him are Honesty and Integrity. He works with you to help you get what works for you. He takes the time to look at your individual situation, without being judgmental if it's not optimal. For me he worked the numbers and made some suggestions on what debt I needed to pay down to get the numbers I needed to fit my budget. As long as Tony is in the business, he is the only one I will go to. I trust him implicitly.


Amanda H., Customer

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Anzivino on several of my mortgage needs over the years. He is not only efficient, he makes the experience seem effortless. He turned the stress of re-financing my home and made it in to a seem less process. He works quickly to resolve issues and takes the time to listen to my needs. Mr. Anzivino has treated me, not as a client, but as family. My best interest was also his. I have recommended his service to several people and will continue to do so in the future.


Jim L., Customer

I have known and done business with Tony for over 20 years. What I am going to state is in no way an exaggeration. As with many people, your financial situation can be great, things can change, you find yourself in a jam. Because I was working, he was able to guide me through and I was able to restructure. I have seen him guide others as well. Hardworking family's that other lender's staff would have no clue as to how to help them finance or refinance their loans on their homes. Tony knows the law, the ability of a homeowner to get a loan they can afford, to stay in, or buy new, the home of their dreams. Credit counseling is sometimes the first step. Tony is an expert. 203K loans, something many people know nothing about. To build into your loan money, funds to do the repairs, a win-win for many families, myself included! I refer people to Tony, because he is honest, trustworthy, and knows how to "make it happen". He cannot perform miracles, but he is the ONLY guy I would go to if I need another mortgage, that much I am sure of.


Pat Robertazzi, Retired Former Coworker

I have known Tony for many years. There is no one in the mortgage business more knowledgeable. Tony is honest and professional and will always work harder than any loan officer to make sure every client is satisfied. I will only use Tony for my mortgage needs.


Michael R., Customer

My brother is in the mortgage business for many years. My wife and I became ensnared in a mortgage problem which had to do with our home on the water being wiped out by SANDY in October 2012.
My brother told me he knew of only one person he believed could unravel my problem and get me the results to which I was qualified and the answers to which I was entitled. He referred my wife and I to Tony Anzivino.

Tony researched the entire history of our ownership through current times. He went to both the FHA and FANNIE MAE and got us all the answers we needed.
When it comes to home loans and their origination, I recommend Tony Anzivino with enthusiasm He will go that extra mile for his customer and get the results deserved.


Thomas J. Swider, Owner Title Agency

At Credit Lenders, we have had the pleasure to work with Tony and his clients for many years. Tony can best be described as to true consultative sales professional with a strong sense of customer service for every customer he has worked with. Tony has a professional presence that is demonstrated through his communications with customers and vendors at all times.
We look forward to working with Tony and his customers in the future


Mike Prisco, Real Estate Broker

I have known and worked with Tony Anzivino for more than 30 years. He has proven to be a valuable asset to all of the clients I have sent him. His hard work, dedication and follow up are second to none. He is professional and trustworthy and always looking out for the best interest of his clients. With this skill set I would highly recommend Tony to anyone seeking an experienced mortgage specialist.


Albert J Cupo, Real Estate Broker

Tony, is a professional of his craft, he get's the job done and makes all his clients satisfied every step of the way to make sure you mortgagee known Tony for close to 30 years and worked along side him as a real estate agent for all that time. From start to finish Tony is truly a application process is bar none, I personally would recommend Tony anytime!


Fred R., Customer

I initially met Mr. Anzivino back in 1990, when I was seeking professional advice because I was interested in purchasing a home in New Jersey.

From our earliest contact, I was always impressed with Mr. Anzivino’s knowledge of the banking/financial industry and how the credit system worked. He was both very professional and personable during our first meetings. It was quite obvious, he took pride in doing a great job for me and protecting my interest.

He successfully developed a six months working plan while providing me with assistance and guidance through this “mortgage readiness” process. I will be ever so grateful for his assistance and diligence coupled with his sincere desire to help me reach my goal.

Based on my previous successful experience with Mr. Anzivino, I felt compel to seek his assistance once more in acquiring my financing of a later homes. Mr. Anzivino was there to support me through the many rough spots on the road in acquiring financing on my new home. Mr. Anzivino was there in my defense at time of closing. The seller’s lawyer was trying desperately to take advantage of me, nevertheless, Mr. Anzivino and his professional knowledge of the laws that govern real estate/financing quickly came to my rescue saving me a substantial amount of money.

As a Branch Chief for over 30 years in U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security Headquarters in Washington, DC. I consider Mr. Anzivino to be a professional person possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent mortgage banker. His vast knowledge in the financial/mortgage market has always been spot-on. He is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with his clients. I have never through all these years been misinformed – he always had what proved to be the correct answers to my needs.
I have a tremendous respect and admiration for my esteem colleague and friend, Mr. Anzivino. Through 25 years of a relationship, he has always demonstrated that he is one of the most trustworthy, loyal, and honest man I have ever met.

I will retire soon to Ocala, Florida, and I have already put him on notice of my need for the VA loan to by the home.

I write this testimonial for Mr. Anzivino because I am very grateful for his contributions to me and my family. I give him my strongest recommendation for any role which require intelligence, organization, communication skills, service and his comprehension of the banking/financing industry is extraordinary.


David F., Real Estate Broker

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tony in two professional settings, first when he was a licensed real estate salesperson in the early 1970’s and then from 1976 when Tony switched careers and chose to concentrate on being a Mortgage Specialist! From the beginning in his mortgage career, Tony was very successful in assisting buyers in all price ranges and with all the various mortgage loan programs, whether the buyer needed a VA loan, FHA loan or was a well-qualified buyer able to obtain conventional mortgage financing. And yes, Tony has the knowledge and ability to help buyers obtain mortgage financing with minimum down payments and with low credit scores or weak credit history.

Tony Anzivino, a Caring Mortgage Professional!


David A., Customer

Tony is dedicated, loyal, thorough, honest, caring... and the list goes on. With my mortgage experiences with him, he would not stop until he either was able to help or provide direction as to where I could go for help. If you are looking for a person who truly cares about your life and well-being, he is your man. I truly can't say enough about his professionalism and character. He will and has done whatever it takes to get the job done. He has always exceeded my expectations. Thank you Tony.


Adam & Holly G.

As first time homeowners, we could not have asked for a better person to help us through the mortgage process. From the start, Loretta made every aspect of this complicated procedure absolutely painless. If we had a question or concern, Loretta always made herself available to us in a prompt and immediate fashion. This process can be quite confusing, but with Loretta, she made things simple and easy to understand. You can never ask too many questions, because she always has the answers!

Aside from her prompt responses, she's also a delightful person to have on your side. Even after the mortgage process was completed, she remained in touch with us, and even helped us after we'd already closed on the house. It's these kind of things which put her above and beyond her peers.

We would HIGHLY recommend Loretta to anybody. Her eagerness to help, her understanding of the process, and ability to put things into terms you can understand is an invaluable asset.

Loretta is amazing at what she does, and we are so thankful we got a chance to work with her in our home buying experience. Simply put, she's the best!


Akil & Rhani E.

Buying a home can be a very stressful process. We had just returned from overseas and were living in a hotel with two toddlers.

Loretta Necowitz is very personable and friendly and she also pays close attention to detail. She thinks about things before you can think about them. She has a connection to the military and goes above and beyond for her clients. Her foresight and professionalism made our home buying process easy. I highly recommend her services to anyone! Thank you Loretta!

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